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I don’t post on this blog anymore, guys. The blog i currently use is andthatshowithappened,tumblr.

Anonymous said: Omg i read ur single virgin post. As weird as it may sound I've been though the same thing until recently because i broke my virginity with this guy in my class who i became really close with. However we're friends, i wish we were more.

Well i’m sorry about that! But hey at least you’re not like me anymore. And trust me, you don’t wanna be like me.

Alvida- Life in a Metro

You know those people who don’t get  your jokes at all. Like those people who stare at you every time you say something smart, and have a blank expression on their faces.

Those cunts are such buzzkills.  

There comes a point when you wonder how life could be so kind to you when you’ve discarded the people who made this life possible for you.
Translucent clouds of their faces will appear before you forcing you to remember the contributions they made to your life. A few moments of guilt. A few moments of acknowledgement. 
But a blink or two, and they’ll vanish.
And you’ll forget again that they existed.  

Hello America.
Hi there, Canada.
Now I can late night blog during the same time as you guys.
It will be quite splendid. 
Slap my buttocks and call me looney. 

Does anyone wanna talk to me about anything?
I just finished watching Scrubs and i’m in a mood to talk to you and get emotional. 
Take advantage of me. 

There are so many people on here who have so many problems. Genuine problems. Not problems like, “omg my shit was yellow today. It has jaundice i think.”
No, real problems. Which push them to the brink of giving up completely.
And what I really want to do, is talk to them. Ask them what’s going on. And again, just talk to them for a good amount of time. Make them feel better. I want them to find a way out.  

I’m feeling all emotional that I’m leaving tomorrow. And so i went onto my brother’s bed and hugged him.
He kicked me off saying, “Why are you so gay and incest?”
My brother is a little mean. 

I hope my wife is the most independent woman on the planet. Then i’ll ask her to work. And tell her that i’ll be a house husband. 
Lowlz, cuz i ain’t gunn be working. That shit’s hard.
I can make rotis and shahi paneer and muttar paneer and parothe. I think me and the baby will be just fine at home. I love cleaning too. 

I will be shifting back to my primary blog- So it would be highly appreciated if you follow me on that blog. Thank you!

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